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Family Separation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  Published: 2 weeks ago


John Oliver discusses the disturbing policy that separated migrant families detained at our southern border, and the disturbingly real chance that it could happen again.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

27 minutes ago
Un-fucking-acceptable. Trump is a criminal who deserves to be locked up for life, whatever is left of it.

2 hours ago
Boutta cry in the club

2 hours ago
Welp, America's just half a step from death camps now. Geneva-spitting baby detainment is about as cruel as you can get without getting violent.

2 hours ago
What the fuck, my parents were taken away when I was 13 bc of a mis-filed visa. I was lucky to have family to support me. God where you at we need some intervention here, I can't stop thinking about it

4 hours ago
Hasn't this separation of families been going on for longer than 10 years? That is what i heard atleast.
And if so, why was it no problem under Obama?

4 hours ago
THANK YOU. finally. so sick of seeing feminist nonsense all over the media - this is the stuff that really really matters right now.

5 hours ago
Two words. WOMP WOMP.

5 hours ago
It's Vincent Adultman!

6 hours ago
This is why we need the wall.

6 hours ago
Republican: Mexico is a shithole. Liberal: That's offensive, it's a great country! Republican: Okay, so people are safe there. Liberal: We can't make people wait weeks there, they are persecuted asylum seekers! ... Get that straight pls. Either Mexico is fine to stay in for a while or it's a shithole everyone needs to leave immedeately. Hint - A shithole is a shithole because of the people living there.

6 hours ago
Fuck yeah, John! These asshats are going down. But the cost is great and tragic.

8 hours ago
also happened in austria/europe...unbelievable...the whole world´s getting facist...

8 hours ago
To be clear : I completely oppose the concept of family seperation.

However, the video with the little kid is not a valid argument. We as a people may find this clip sad because of the things tis kid said to his mother. But if you change the context the whole story changes. For instance : try telling a kid they can't join a friend to go to disneyworld. You might get the exact same reaction.

I'm just trying to say that this clip (however sad it may be and it is) is no proof of psychological damage.

8 hours ago
u know exactly taht 99% + of them dont are real asylum people - they are just looking for a better life... whats absolutly ok... but its also absolutly ok if usa citizens dont wanna pay that.. i am also looking for a better life and to have a house like john oliver - and john? when u will show me my rooms ? ;)
oh never.. surprise surprise...
sry bout my english - i m from EU and i dont ever been to US..
but i quite sure u understand - eaven when its no perfect english ;)

and PS: dont act like a 12 year old oliver. u know exactly what all this is about..
u are to clever to dont understand the problem with all this...

and PPS: like i told u - i am from EU - my english is quite ok and i have over 100 000 dollar on my bank account. i would like to move to USA :) but guess what - i am not allowed ;) check u r migration laws ;) it would no problem to let one in like me.. cause i have money and i dont make any problems.. profit for USA. but USA migration law says - eaven I am not much enough profit ;)
sad - in my case wrong i think but i accept it - ITS YOUR country and YOU make the rules..

world and people are egostic - and thats OK! but be fucking true!
why u allways try to play the super nice guy!???
u arent john? you would never sahre your house with me so why u fuxx think its the most normal thing in the world your naigbours HAVE to share THEIR country?

9 hours ago
In a country where someone can successfully sue millions of compensation from a big corporation over a spillt hot coffee, how much damage should an illegaly seperated family, which caused so much trauma to the child, be awarded? The standing of the US has become rock-bottom.

9 hours ago
"The greatest country in the world" until they heard about Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, etc., etc., etc.

14 hours ago
Kids here are forced into family separation. It's normal in our society. Look up divorced. Look up abandoned children. Worry about your front yard before slinging mud about stuff in your neighbors yard.

The reality is, is that life is being cruel and titty babies like the man in this show never experienced it. Quite whining about not your life and mind your business. They will survive just like me.

Bunch of cry babies.

16 hours ago
Coming from an American...this is a disgrace. We don't deserve to be called the greatest country in the world. We're not. No nation that forcefully traumatizes children is eligible for that title. And I hate it. Because the thing is....there are so many good people in this country who accept people no matter their race, sexuality, gender identity, or birthplace. There are so many amazing people who work to build a better future for this country...and the administration we get ends up being...THIS.

I'm an optimist at heart. I can't believe that this is it. Things are going to change. But the thing is...we have to MAKE them change. Because until then...THIS is what America stands for

17 hours ago
As a parent, the footage of the young boy ripped my heart....!

18 hours ago
Obama did the same thing.

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