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Family Separation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
  Published: 5 months ago


John Oliver discusses the disturbing policy that separated migrant families detained at our southern border, and the disturbingly real chance that it could happen again.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
sooooooooo... what about the caravan?

17 hours ago
I cried for the boy and mother, just wow. What a f***ed up country. ‘Greatest nation’ my arse.

18 hours ago
Lol as if this practice is over? What were the producers thinking

1 day ago
I don't care about ANYTHING ELSE Trump has done. This is unforgivable. He could come up with the motherfucking cure for cancer and I will still remember him as the monster that tore children away from their families. He doesn't even think he did anything wrong. He's willing to do it again. How is THIS the president of the United States of America?

1 day ago
at 16:27... i almost lost it...damn

3 days ago
This stinks like propaganda.

3 days ago
We didn't do that, Trump and his dumbass supporters did that, us decent people would never condone this

3 days ago
And you are still wondering why other country name the US sick?

3 days ago
Ok. That kid story was horrible.
Prove that kid was not a fucking hysterical asshole before he got taken tho. Prove to me, that he was the brightest, nicest fucking kid, that wouild never say horrible shit to his mom to get his way.
Because kids like that exist, and kids are definitely smart enough to do that to get whatever the fuck they want. And you provided me ZERO evidence that anything that happened to him affected him that way.
Mommy is never going to admit she's a failure if she is.
She also wont tell us that kid's a fucking piece of shit, because why would she when she can blame her inadequacies on evil USA.
USA she forcibly took her kid into to "seek asylum" because apparently mexico was too far away to do it there, where she knew she wont be separated btw.
Why should i believe any of that 30s footage of random documentary?
You just show me "bad" image and blame it on Trump. Is trump a psychopath? Yes. Do i want him gone? yes.

Are you a dishonest piece of shit for doing that? Also yes. EVEN if you are telling the truth.

3 days ago
Thank you John Oliver, for the end of this piece. That is the appropriate reaction.

3 days ago
I will never forget seeing my coworker crying and collapsing to the floor when she found her son was going to be deported. 2 weeks and he would have had his citizenship. Hell I never even got to say goodbye to him. It's all just so....wrong

4 days ago
the worst thing was that a lot of people in mexico was sided with trump in that event.

4 days ago
the criminals all bring their babies with them, get the fuck off your liar!

4 days ago
We're fucktards for voting Trump in and we're shitwads for allowing Family Separation to happen and we're just fuckshits for being about to let it happen the FUCKING FUCK again. BRAINWASHING CHILDREN into believing their mommies and daddies don't love them anymore and that was why they were separated to begin with? IS THAT WHY THOSE CHILDREN WHO WERE TAKEN FROM THEIR PARENTS AFTER THEY HAD RUN AWAY FROM THEIR SITUATIONS DIED?! It wouldn't surprise me if those children COMMITTED SUICIDE BECAUSE THEY WERE BRAINWASHED TO BELIEVE THAT BULLSHIT! FUCK THE ADMINISTRATION AND FUCK MY DAD FOR BELIEVING THIS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO TO IMMIGRANTS WHETHER THEY'RE ILLEGAL OR NOT!

5 days ago
These are our generation’s internment camps.

Vote wisely in 2020

6 days ago
This is one of the best reasons Trump is a horrible human being.

6 days ago
I would argue that this is the best segment Oliver has done. It’s powerful, passionate, and motivating, we cannot allow this to happen again.

6 days ago
I have so much hate for the womp-womp guy.

7 days ago
I never thought I'd cry at a John Oliver show

7 days ago
Jesus was middle eastern guy, so why the fuck conservative worship him?

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