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Biggest Cheater In Boxing Gets Owned By A Legend!!
  Published: 3 weeks ago


Antonio Margarito beat Miguel Cotto on July 28, 2008. It was later found that Antonio cheated against Miguel. Miguel Cotto scheduled a second fight with Antonio Margarito. Let's watch as Miguel Cotto breaks Margarito's eye and get's revenge on this cheater. Show more

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17 minutes ago
I clicked on this for no reason lmao it was just so interesting

23 minutes ago
You beat the cheater, you're not even mad anymore, just disappointed. Because obviously Margarito had enough skill to work his way up to that level, but somewhere along the lines decided to give up and just start cheating. And that's sad. How good would he be if he hadn't given up and kept training instead of cheating? And, there were multiple people involved in that decision.. b/c there's so many people looking over the fighter before the match.. he, his coach and at least half the other people in his corner must have known about the cheating and just went along with it. That's just sad.

2 hours ago
Shut up Max

2 hours ago
margarito the cheater

3 hours ago
They should remove that loss from the first fight cheaters should never prosper ever! period!

4 hours ago
this is some motivational shit

5 hours ago
Wait so who was cheating? All I saw was people getting punched

5 hours ago
I didn't understand anything that happened

5 hours ago
Viene Puñeta Cotto la puta bestia

5 hours ago
Not so tough without your fancy gloves, are you?

6 hours ago
I'm more of a UFC person but boxing seems pretty lit

7 hours ago
This fight reminds me of Billy Collins vs Luis Resto

8 hours ago
Boxing is already dangerous enough with out these "F" Ing cheaters man! I wish he could have knocked him out!

10 hours ago
Dad: I'm Gonna Do Boxing!
Watches This
Me: Dad Let's Play Tennis Please!

13 hours ago
The way the guy narrating was filmed looked like something is going to blow up behind him and bunch of enemies with guns will come

14 hours ago

15 hours ago
Fcking hope this man dies

15 hours ago
Boxing used to be huge, but the corruption just fucking ruined it.

16 hours ago
How did he cheat?

16 hours ago
this is literally the plot of a movie

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