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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Everyone is Here Trailer (E3 2018)
  Published: 1 week ago


Every fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series' entire history is coming together at last in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch! Ice Climbers, Wolf, Snake, Mega Man, Cloud, and more -- everyone is here! Check out the first-ever footage from Nintendo's E3 2018 Direct!
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Comments Directly on YouTube

12 minutes ago
So much fire emblem charaters

40 minutes ago
yet no waluigi

1 hour ago
I meant to misspell it

1 hour ago
O mah gawd Pokemon trainer is back

3 hours ago
This trailer was amazing. The direct fucking sucked, but this...

4 hours ago


5 hours ago
when ike came the footage looks like a cutscene...perhaps story mode?

11 hours ago
I'll buy if Waluigi is playable.

12 hours ago
Everyone’s here except waluigi

12 hours ago
Poor luigi and yoshi

12 hours ago
We did it, boys! No new anime sword fighters! Clap it up for yourselves!

15 hours ago
I was surprised Bayonetta was in the game.

15 hours ago
This game just made my day.

15 hours ago
Where is waluigi

16 hours ago
I'm so happy. High expectations.

17 hours ago
This is going to be insane xD. There better be a adventure mode

18 hours ago

19 hours ago
This is a lie where is Waluigi the title is extremely misleading

21 hours ago
I want this

21 hours ago
Now in super smash bros ultimate:
No items
Fox only
Final Destination

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