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Wakey Wakey...
   Don't Hug Me .I'm Scared
  Published: 4 months ago


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4 minutes ago
I cant wait!!!

8 minutes ago
Best. Horror. Show. Ever.

27 minutes ago
Does that mean that all this time, for 2 years, they've been working on this production

Slow claps

1 hour ago

2 hours ago
If you guys are that desperate watch Film Theory's video on this

2 hours ago
For those that don't know. The pilot episode will be shown at the Sundance Festival with plot details also being released so the wait shouldn't be too much longer!

6 hours ago
This trailer?

6 hours ago
So hype

6 hours ago

6 hours ago
Yellow Guy: Wakey wakey...
Me: Eggs and bakey!
I can’t wait for this series to come back, one of my all time favourites on YouTube! 😁👍

7 hours ago
Give us more

7 hours ago
Are we just gonna ignore the figure in the top hat next to red guy at 0:16???

8 hours ago
He estado esperando esto por años :v

8 hours ago
Sooo... does anyone know the background song

9 hours ago
when is this coming out

10 hours ago
Were is it

10 hours ago
Omg yes!

11 hours ago
June 20

11 hours ago
Please hurry!! 😫

12 hours ago
Maybe the release date will be on June 20

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