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Tap Out | Jay Rock featuring Jeremih | Aliya Janell Choreography | Queens N Lettos
  Published: 1 week ago


Filmed/Edited: @zurisaddaicjr on instagram Show more

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14 minutes ago
Remy Re'nee 2014486597

1 hour ago
Click here if you like to “tap out”

2 hours ago
02:16 Blonde Girl Name is?

4 hours ago
I think turn into ..lesbian...

5 hours ago
I'm in high-school and it hasn't been the easiest, but your dances make me feel so confident. Dance overall makes me feel confident, but you've played a huge part in that too you're an amazing role model. Thanks for getting me halfway through high-school .

11 hours ago
love the song n the dance y'all did it was great

11 hours ago
Girl in Orng

13 hours ago
What is the one at 4:54 middle name? Anybody please I lover her confidence every dance routine I’ve seen her in

15 hours ago
Aliyah can you please dance to Ella mai CLOSE I think y'all would kill it

16 hours ago
will love her more if she does some cute choreography of an African song 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😏🙌🙌. 🙌🙌

18 hours ago
Annnnddddd.... subscribed 😊

20 hours ago
Congrats for 1M subscribers 💕

23 hours ago
everybody is getting a pair of Aliya's heels now, that's neat.

1 day ago
I got a faaaaaaaat crush on Aliya Janell for real for real

1 day ago
Who’s the girl @ 2:18 in the front?!.

1 day ago
3:55 waaaaa drooools

1 day ago
-gain hurt a go

1 day ago
I noticed a few of the girls have the same heels as Aliya. Where can I get those? They must be the magic dancing shoes.

2 days ago
I think this what heaven looks like 😩😩 so many beautiful women

2 days ago
Do breathe by Neyo next pleaseeeeee 😩😩❤️👯‍♀️🙌🏽

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