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Zion Williamson Duke vs Kentucky - Full Highlights | 28 PTS, 7 Rebs, Official Debut!
   Frankie Vision CBB
  Published: 1 week ago


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2 hours ago
Zion Williams is a beast. I wanna see him play vs Lebron James. Dats gone be an exciting dunk contest between them 2

4 hours ago
Y’all can’t fucking tell me this nigga not sent by the government to replace Lebron James and usher a new era of basketball

4 hours ago
williamson = bonjing

11 hours ago
2:02 plz tell me he did dat on purpose XD

13 hours ago
He needs to learn how to shoot better. Or he'll end up being a darker blake griffin

15 hours ago
Not bron but has potential

18 hours ago
Remind me of Larry Johnson

20 hours ago
Zion is a generational talent. He's the total package. Not just athleticism, the passing, the rebounding, but most importantly, he loves playing basketball, especially with his teammates. Never got upset with his teammates despite their obvious inferiority. It was the same thing with Tim Duncan at WF, LBJ at SV-SM, and Zion at Spartanburg Day.

1 day ago
Is this fast forwarded when Zion gets the ball in his hand?

1 day ago
I want Knicks to tank hard for him, him kd, kp, hardway Jr, Boston will shit their bed. Fucking Boston will start crying again.

2 days ago
How can you this like this Kid , Fckn, Idiots

2 days ago
Joe budden brought me here. Yeah he's the next 1 bro.

2 days ago

2 days ago
Dudes a beast

2 days ago
It's hard for me to find a fair comparison to Zion. Karl Malone anyone???

3 days ago
I wish my 2k19 player could play like him this dude probably rated 90.

3 days ago

3 days ago
Umm, they beat Kentucky like they owed them money

3 days ago
There Will be two Winners this season warriors and the team that get zion

3 days ago
Cavs will get Zion with the #1 pick.

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