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  Published: 3 weeks ago


Trick-or-Treating - whether it's hunting down the right Halloween costume, finding the house that gives out the most candy, coming home with a stuffed pillowcase, or more, this is Every Trick-or-Treat Ever!

Ian Hecox
Courtney Miller
Keith Leak Jr
Olivia Sui
Noah Grossman
Jessie Gill
Kimmy Jimenez

Directed & Produced by Ryan Todd
Written by Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
Smosh Creative Director: Luke Barats
Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
Editor: Nick Agich
Producer: Kristina Nikolic
Production Manager: Jon-Michael Burgess
First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
Production Designer: Tayler Nicholson
Art Assistant: Jake Sperling
Camera: Brennan Iketani
Gaffer: Trent Turner
Grip: Josh Pitruzzello
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins
Costume Supervisor: Lindsay Hamilton
Script Supervisor: Merina Seidel
DIT: Taylor Cutler
Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
Senior Design: Ness Cardano
Senior Design: Ness Cardano
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
I went trick or treating somebody asked if I was sloth from goonies....... I didnt wear a costume

13 hours ago
I love kieths baby voice

17 hours ago
Imagine what would happen if they got to the underwear part

2 days ago
0:20 best part

2 days ago
None of these are realistic.....🤣

3 days ago
2018 anyone? XDXDXD

3 days ago
I thought the last woman was gonna pull a gun. :|

4 days ago
0:54 oh god damnit

4 days ago
Every commercial ever

5 days ago
Every LEGO builder ever

5 days ago
Every peso ever

6 days ago
I love you
Ur videos

6 days ago
2017: Every Halloween Ever
2018: Every Trick or Treat Ever

7 days ago
2:30 top 10 anime betrayals

7 days ago
How old were you when you stopped trick o' treating? (Unless you still do.) I stopped this year at 17.

7 days ago

7 days ago
1:30 i love that face btw

1 week ago
1:41-1:54 poor man :( I feel bad for him.. :(

1 week ago

1 week ago
I felt so bad for Ian when he didn’t get anyone at his house

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