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Awkwafina - The World According To Awkwafina
  Published: 2 weeks ago


It's hard not to fall for Awkwafina, the hilarious native New Yorker who's busting moves at the mic and on the screen for a few years now. The rapper/comedian behind the hilarious "My Vag" and "NYC Bitche$" videos is also the actress being featured in 'Ocean's 8' and 'Crazy Rich Asians." Born Nora Lum, she came up in Forest Hills, Queens, and in our new 'World According To Awkwafina' interview, she explains her roots in the city's largest borough, confesses her addiction to halal street meat (with room temp white sauce), gives a history of her hip-hop loves (shout out Necro!) and explains some NYC subway protocol.

Producer: Hailey Rovner

A Neoncalf Cartoon
Illustration: @weijerrychen
Animation: @vonstyles

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
I love Awkwafina so much

4 hours ago
vaginal genius

7 hours ago

8 hours ago
I dunno with you but I kinda like this person. 😀

16 hours ago
Why do people say she’s a Brooklyn rapper when she’s a queens rapper

3 days ago
Pump that shit, woman.

5 days ago
I live for thisssss

7 days ago
In Fina We Trust 💨

7 days ago
LOL..halal food in NYC is the best @ 4 am in the mornin after a crazy good night out...white sauce & HOT sauce..if u live in NYC & haven't had it..u haven't's like not having's crack food lol ..that's y it's sold on the corners xD Much love from Brooklyn, Nora

7 days ago
Gross teeth.

1 week ago
Her personality is On Point, Much love from Brooklyn Finaaa

1 week ago
ascolta il mio ultimo singolo 💪 e iscriviti al canale ❤

1 week ago
ascolta il mio il singolo e iscriviti al canale ❤

1 week ago
i love to hear to her omg so cool

2 weeks ago
sounds like every other annoying crackhead white girl

2 weeks ago
This fool is just talkin’ about random-arse shit, like anyone cares to listen. I had to cut it🎵

2 weeks ago
it took me about 1 minute to come to the conclusion that i REALLY dont like this person

2 weeks ago
Chipotle chicken is so not "tha shit"

2 weeks ago
"Farm, to ass, to mouth." 😂

2 weeks ago
3:30 No Face!

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