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Smosh is Homeless
  Published: 1 month ago


You guys thought we were DONE? Oh no, you can't stop us this easily.

Expect more videos starting this week on SMOSH, SMOSH PIT, and SMOSH GAMES.

Just in case I lose control of this channel, follow us all on Twitter and Instagram! I'm not going to list all of our handles here because that's annoying and I know you know how to use the search function.

Expert iPhone Cameraman - Josh Mattingly
Expert Boom Operator - Pamela Horton
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
Thank you guys for all the support and concern for us over this past week. While we are staying positive, the fact still remains that our parent company closing left a lot of awesome and hard-working people out of jobs. One of my main goals for finding Smosh a new home is getting everyone in our Smosh family (in front of and behind the camera), back to work. These deals do take time, so please be patient with us. Regardless of the circumstances, we're pretty excited for what's to come.

Thank you

6 hours ago
Bring Anthony back with the whole crew.

7 hours ago
Alguien de chile

7 hours ago
Stuff that made Smosh SMOSH.
1. Anthony and LAN
2. Shut up Intro.
3. More food fight

7 hours ago
Ha you’re homeless gottem

7 hours ago
So Antony can come back?

12 hours ago
Can i see up her skirt

14 hours ago
It breaks my heart to see Ian without Anthony 😖

15 hours ago
Why all of these exaggerated laughs??

16 hours ago
I wish it would just go back to anthony and ian, all of the new cast are just too cringy

16 hours ago
The real smosh is Ian and Anthony

16 hours ago
All you've got to do, is bring back Anthony to smosh and make the video just Ian and Anthony!

16 hours ago
You guys will never die

19 hours ago
imagine if smosh pinned this lol

20 hours ago
Please get original SMOSH back.. Please..

22 hours ago
I swear that courtney and ian smashed alot of times

23 hours ago
Aww... It’s ok! Youtube just sucks!

24 hours ago
I want Anthony backkk

1 day ago
I haven't watched these smosh videos in like 6 years... when i saw ian with that beard, hair and glasses i just freaked out ;-;

1 day ago
RANDOM, UNORGANIZED, NOT AFRAID TO MESS UP, AND NEVER FORGET THE SHUT UP INTROOOOOOOSSSSS!!!! thats always been your guys strong suit and now that your free do as you like but dont forget your roots. :D

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