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Smosh is Homeless
  Published: 3 months ago


You guys thought we were DONE? Oh no, you can't stop us this easily.

Expect more videos starting this week on SMOSH, SMOSH PIT, and SMOSH GAMES.

Just in case I lose control of this channel, follow us all on Twitter and Instagram! I'm not going to list all of our handles here because that's annoying and I know you know how to use the search function.

Expert iPhone Cameraman - Josh Mattingly
Expert Boom Operator - Pamela Horton
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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 months ago
Thank you guys for all the support and concern for us over this past week. While we are staying positive, the fact still remains that our parent company closing left a lot of awesome and hard-working people out of jobs. One of my main goals for finding Smosh a new home is getting everyone in our Smosh family (in front of and behind the camera), back to work. These deals do take time, so please be patient with us. Regardless of the circumstances, we're pretty excited for what's to come.

Thank you

9 hours ago
How are you homeless

9 hours ago

10 hours ago

16 hours ago

1 day ago
Hopefully that's not the only thing shuts down.

1 day ago
Where is Anthony?

1 day ago
No u aren't lol, you in a house right now dummies

2 days ago
if you just stayed as a duo you probably wouldnt suck and wouldnt be in this situation but thats your own

2 days ago
This chanel is getting better.

2 days ago
I liked you guys better at that time.

2 days ago
Keep doing what you did in 2007-2016!!

2 days ago
Don't do anymore of those games and stuff!!

2 days ago
Just get a box(or a newspaper) and put that on the floor
And it's tour new home!

2 days ago
Anthony did a video on Defy Media, and it was very informative. I recommend watching it

2 days ago
I miss Anthony

2 days ago
I didn't even know smosh was owned .

2 days ago
Lets make smosh great again👌

2 days ago
If you say you are homeless how do you have that house?

3 days ago
I only know 6 of them lol

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