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My Father Left Our Family For Another Woman
  Published: 2 months ago



Hello, this is Lisa, and for the last year, she’s been desperately trying to hold her family together until she realized that she wouldn’t succeed.

One of Lisa’s earliest childhood memories is of going to a playground together with her parents. Nothing special happened, but for some reason, the joyful smiles of her parents that day stayed with her. It was a moment of pure happiness for all three of them.

And this memory makes what happened to them later even worse.

To cut a long story short, one day, after seventeen years of marriage, her father brought them together and, with tears in his eyes, told them that he was leaving Lisa’s mother for another woman. Well, how should you react to news like that? You think that everything is fine and your parents love each other and you get on with doing your own stuff, and then...this happens.

She asked her father why, but the answer was quite obvious – he’d just fallen in love with another woman.

And then he just, well...left. It was just Lisa and her mom crying. Their house seemed so empty and lifeless without him, and they both missed him.

She tried to imagine how she would feel if her future husband ever left her like that after two decades of marriage. It’s really hard to imagine what to do next.

After some time, her dad contacted her, and they met in a cafe. She thought that he wanted to come back. Maybe he had realized his mistakes, she thought, and it all was just a misunderstanding. She was wrong, of course. He just wanted to say that he still loved her and his leaving didn’t change things between them. Lisa begged him to reconsider and return to her mom, to think about it, to remember all the times they had together. He just smiled and said, “it’s not that simple.”

Then he said that her mom was a strong woman and she would recover, and that Lisa needed to support her. But what about him, Lisa thought to herself. Wasn’t it his responsibility to support her, even if he was no longer in love with her? He then told her that he wanted Lisa and his girlfriend to meet at some point, because she was a good person and she would like her.

He took her hand into his, and she just nodded silently. Maybe he was right. She didn’t want to lose her dad. She still loved him.

It was hard to go home that day. Lisa’s mom was a shadow of her former self, not even bothering to brush her hair in the morning. It was hard seeing a person who you’ve looked up to your whole life like that. She felt like she hated her for being so weak.

At one point, Lisa just snapped and told her mom that it was her fault that her dad had left. Her mom burst into tears and cried even more than before, and she felt horrible for saying it. She apologized at least ten times over the next half an hour.

Her mom then started to reveal everything about their relationship, how it had became worse every year, and how she knew that this would probably happen eventually. She told her that she hated her dad and didn’t want to forgive him, but Lisa just couldn’t make herself agree with her, because she couldn’t hate her own father.

Over the next few months, she tried to meet with her dad often, but each time the gap between their encounters grew a little bit longer. First one week, then two, then three. At one point, he called her by the name of his girlfriend’s daughter and didn’t even notice.

At that moment Lisa realized what a big mistake she had been making the whole time. Instead of supporting her mom, she had been desperately trying to win back her father’s affection.

He asked again if she was ready to meet with his girlfriend. And you know what? She said no. Because she didn’t want to meet her. Ever. And while she wanted to have a good relationship with her dad, it wasn’t him who was suffering most through this whole business – because at least he had a new partner, while there was just her and her mom in their old house.

In the following weeks, she spent more time with her mom, trying to support her and take her mind off her dad. They became much closer.

She finally found the courage to say to her dad that she didn’t want to meet his new girlfriend EVER. Yes, he was still family, but he wasn’t part of HER family anymore.

Lisa is still very conflicted about the whole situation, but she’s glad to say that her mom looks and feels better nowadays. Last week she said that Lisa ought to stop thinking about it so much because she has to live HER OWN life. She had to study, have fun with her friends, maybe meet a guy, and not babysit her parents, because they were adults and they will manage.

Lisa now thinks she was right. She hopes her mom will get better, and that she will manage to have a good relationship with her dad, but she also has to live her life and solve her own problems, while still supporting her mom, of course.

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2 months ago
Take Care Of Your Nearest And Dearest.

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7 hours ago
Why is their hair blue?

10 hours ago
This happened to me more than 30 years ago and I never thought of my father the same way again. In the end, I realized that he was a selfish narcissist. You are right to stay away from the homewrecker. Any woman who thinks it is fine to date a married man and destroy a marriage has severe character defects and is manipulative, scheming and not to be trusted. Take it from me. The irony in my case is that after all of this wreckage, these two adulterers became fundamentalist Christians who lectured about the evils of homosexuality through years of what ended up to be a terrible marriage.

10 hours ago
my mom and dad would never do that

10 hours ago
I bet he still cheated

10 hours ago
Plot twist:

The dad was gay

10 hours ago
this actually happened to my mom twice since i was born. my dad left us for another woman & my stepfather left us about two years ago. my mom was completely heartbroken that this happened twice in ten years, i thought she was just being weak but, i learned that i have to be by her side, support her & love her. i still have a relationship with my dad but, i’m also still conflicted about this situation. all i know is that i’ll love my family no matter what ❤️

11 hours ago
I luv these types of vids

12 hours ago
That’s sad😢😭

13 hours ago
If my dad tried to pull that he better be prepared to go to the bathroom cause he gonna get poisoned with laxatives along with the mistress. Would have ripped my dad and the mistress a new one. Same for my mom. I also, tell my parents this sooooooo

14 hours ago
That happen to me but my dad and his woman got a baby

14 hours ago

14 hours ago
Same story 16 marriage

15 hours ago

15 hours ago
when my dad divorsed my mom we started talking more and he told me if i wanted to meet his new gf too, and i said "NO, I dont want to meet her because...because shes the reson I hate you, shes the reson my mom is sad" I told him to go to his gf and talk to her about his problems and to go talk too his "daughter" insted of me.

15 hours ago
He’s a fricking asshole yeah I said he is a fricking asshole and stupid

18 hours ago
If that happens I'd kick his new gf and stab her hehe

20 hours ago
One time I was with my cousins and their parents were fighting downstairs as usual then a week later my cousin came over my house and told me there parent divorced she would always spend hours talking with me how she wishes her parents got together then when she came over again and started talking to me about her parents I snapped and told her “listen, I know your parents divorced but you need to move on.” She understood and then a few months later her mom found a boyfriend then they got married. (Btw, there on my moms side of the family)

21 hours ago
it happens

22 hours ago
If I was in she's place I would never talk with my dad because he live she for another woman

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