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The Darkest Minds | Watch 10 Full Minutes ft. Mandy Moore | 20th Century FOX
   20th Century Fox
  Published: 5 months ago


Now on Digital:
On Blu-ray October 30:

When teens mysteriously develop powerful new abilities, they are declared a threat by the government and detained. Sixteen-year-old Ruby, one of the most powerful young people anyone has encountered, escapes her camp and joins a group of runaway teens seeking safe haven. Soon this newfound family realizes that, in a world in which the adults in power have betrayed them, running is not enough and they must wage a resistance, using their collective power to take back control of their future.

Directed by: Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Screenplay by: Chad Hodge

Produced by: Shawn Levy, Dan Levine

Cast: Amandla Stenberg, Mandy Moore and Gwendoline Christie

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Based upon the novel by Alexandra Bracken
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The Darkest Minds | Watch 10 Full Minutes ft. Mandy Moore | 20th Century FOX
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
Maybe everyone in the comments should stop being so brainless and go read the books

2 weeks ago
Anyone else disappointed that black Betty wasn’t black??

4 weeks ago
the darkest mind and the hate u give is kinda the fuckind samething

4 weeks ago
That's not exactly how it happened. They were supposed to fight about kittens! Betty was supposed to black!

1 month ago
The guy had a gun and couldn't shoot the tires?!?!??

1 month ago
Wait, hold up, where’s Martin?
You know, the other Orange.

2 months ago
Please make a part 2 for these movies... coolest movie so far..

2 months ago
2:22 what did she see what happened

2 months ago
I watch the whole movie

2 months ago
Honestly I prefer the books much better, I read them first (3 with an 2 additional books with short stories and a 5th book for Zu) and it went into much more scenes, I felt like the movie was rushed. I do expect there to be more than 1 movie because that movie was just based on the first book, And the end Was the end of the first book.
Book #1 - The darkest minds
Book #2 - Never fade
Book #3 - In the After-light (My fav, and the last book of the series)
Book #4 - Through the Dark (Short story on Gabe, 100 pages or so, Sam and someone else) Sam doesn't show up in the movie.
Book #5 - The Darkest Legacy (About Zu, Why she doesn't Talk, What she went through)

2 months ago
Amazing movie. Cried a ton. Also laughed!!👍🏼

2 months ago
(5:06) I'm so CHUBBS🤣

2 months ago
I want them to make a second movie even if I don't know how it should be compatible with the first movie and the second book...

2 months ago
Does someone wants to spoil me the ending

2 months ago
Best movie

2 months ago
We need part 2

3 months ago
This was actually based of a book called in the after life

3 months ago
The ending is so😞😞😞 but the movie is awesome

3 months ago
Dumbo this is 9min long

3 months ago
Is was only 9:25...where are my 35 seconds promised me ten mkmutes... where are my 10 minutes?!?!?

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