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  Published: 3 months ago


Churches - whether it's the big fancy hats, the super passionate preachers, and more - this is Every Church Ever!

Ian Hecox
Noah Grossman
Keith Leak Jr.
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Peter Gilroy
Cassidy Combs
Theodore Guillory
Rachel Jenkins
Khary Means
Arlissa Norman
Garrett Palm
Tanner Risner
Ashley Spaulding
Ryan Todd
Christianna Wiggins

Directed and Produced by Ryan Todd
Written by Keith Leak Jr., Monica Vasandani, & Ryan Finnerty
Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
Smosh Creative Director: Luke Barats
Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
Editor: Nick Agich
Senior Producer: Alex Hluch
Producer: Kristina Nikolic
Producer: Garrett Palm
First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
Production Designer: Tayler Nicholson
Art Director: Ian Matthews
Camera: Brennan Iketani
Gaffer: Justin Thatcher
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins
Costume Designer: Cassidy Combs
Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 months ago
Thanks so much for having me smosh halleluyer!

6 hours ago
"Because your never too young to go to hell" -- Smosh

11 hours ago
ima christian and i find this funny

19 hours ago
God Dam I looked hopefully this was a few years ago so i didn’t feel so guilty at the rocker part (Idk how to spell)

20 hours ago
Skillet in a nutshell----> 1:00

1 day ago
You think god is a joke

1 day ago
You think church is a joke

1 day ago
When you halfway through the video and remember noah be jewish

1 day ago
Ha good thing I'm an atheist. Wait... but I still got baptized and I did my first communion and confirmation.

2 days ago
Is the boy tht dosent believe in god off of reality high?

2 days ago
G H L O O O O O R Y !!!!!!!1!!!!

2 days ago
What has happened to smosh

2 days ago
Who are these new peeps

2 days ago
You guys forgot the part where anyone sings and if you don't, everyone near you looks at you like you killed their cat.

2 days ago
The baptisms now is how u baptise a dide named kyle

2 days ago
Keith should get braids

2 days ago
At 1:46 when she the asked the time to Ian he said “John 3:16” and as he said that the time changed to 3:16 (where I am)

2 days ago
You ought to come down to my church and see the REAL experience of Christianity and the relationship with God.

2 days ago
as a Christian, some of these are true.

3 days ago
What is this video ?

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