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Ron Paul: As Democrats take over the House, Trump now has someone to blame in case of recession
  Published: 4 months ago


A Swiss bank, the biggest Japanese carmaker and a British defence giant are among foreign-owned firms giving millions of dollars to the Republicans and Democrats in the midterms... And that's despite foreign donations being banned.


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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 months ago
Ron Paul is not brave enough to be president, only talk no action.

3 months ago
Ron Paul would have been a great president! An independent free thinker and constitutionalist, America would have been well served electing him. Truly a Great American on par with Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, and Washington!
Wake up America, wake up!

3 months ago
I have greate respect4 for this guy'

3 months ago
Dumbocraps= dindus and illegals

3 months ago
As usual for Ron Paul. I don't want that there is lot of police because police is bad for business and if would be less police I and everybody would be much more clean-handed. Of course you do.

Is it obvious for years that FED and other banksters trying to prolong dollar decay and downfall of economy to someone they don't like? Of course, they tried to fix it last time for 2009 when they expected some new democrat to become president, that crisis explodes in his hands, so than they can blame him for that. They didn't succeed, it explode year before. This time they will try to be precise that they can accuse - democrats, progressives, socialist, unions, teachers, migrants for destruction of US economy which they destroyed.

3 months ago
Trump has already said he will blame the Democrats because that will work out better for him

3 months ago
Ron Paul he speak facts !
Dump the Trump !!

3 months ago
The media treated Trump and Ron Paul exactly the same while running for president called them both Nazis

3 months ago
Ron just stop trying to reinvent the wheel lol to reform gov. You actually need a existing policy to even try to reform it.

3 months ago
Who has the adrinochrome

3 months ago
Yes, he is right. US should mind his own business.

3 months ago
Libertarians... Ehhhh

3 months ago
What is the Libertarian party's stance on border security, and national defense ?

3 months ago
Ron is the man

3 months ago
so if we quit screwing with other peoples happy they would have very little resoan to mess with our elections and government.

3 months ago
Globalization economy with no checks and balances.

3 months ago
how could Democrats take over the house
when Republican senators won
its the same dam ballot
this country is a hoax
controlled by the satanic Illuminati society
ooooo well satans one world government is coming just as the lord Jesus promised
get ready
one day the anti christ is coming to test humanity

3 months ago
Why doesn't Ron run again?

3 months ago
Big war coming left wingers will be shot and killed in their hundreds of thousands for being Anti American.Trump really is the last President of America.

3 months ago
I don't know if this is Art imitating life or life imitating art, but we've been living in the first 20 minutes of every disaster movie ever made, and we all know what act 2 is, we all know what's coming, we all know we can't stop it, and all the rest is just jibber jabber, so grab a flotation device and learn how to build a fire without matches

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