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Cardi B - Money (Official Audio)
   Cardi B
  Published: 6 months ago


Cardi B - "Money" (Official Audio)

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Comments Directly on YouTube

50 minutes ago
U already!!!

51 minutes ago
Happy new year. Winx inn. 🍚🌊🌈🌴🌋

1 hour ago
Showed this to my mum

I got a slap

1 hour ago
Showed this to my Toilet

Now I’m sitting in a Lambo

2 hours ago
I love you

2 hours ago

3 hours ago
Kulture: Mo-
Cardi b: Momma?
Kulture: money

5 hours ago
Kulture so cute

6 hours ago
I showed this to my cat

Now he's a panther

8 hours ago

9 hours ago
someone was playing this outside, but i realized its just my car alarm

10 hours ago
I showed this to my penny

Now its it's a hundred dollar bill

10 hours ago
When you try to relate to this song but realize your broke af #lovinmylife

12 hours ago
The dislikes are from some elder people.
And if you're a hater shut the fuck up and get lost

14 hours ago
That’s my cardi b eawwww

18 hours ago
I showed this to my cat

Nothing happened she just sat there.

19 hours ago
I’m seeing a hefty amount of “I played this for my blank Now it’s a *blank*” and I just can’t contain my laughter at how badly this song DOES NOT fit that comment. Listen to some music that gets your adrenaline racing and read the comments to see the same comment but just much more fitting. All in all, this song and (almost) entire comment section is just... eww. No other way to describe it honestly.

20 hours ago
get your coin sis😂

21 hours ago
💕 💕 💕 💕 - Love you loads

22 hours ago
That booty tho 😩

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