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Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)
   The Film Theorists
  Published: 1 week ago


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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.

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8 minutes ago

16 minutes ago
MatPat love the video but since you said that the AVA encourage and state to put animals in their natural environment, so doesn't that mean to put them in a test tube

18 minutes ago


18 minutes ago
Mat pat did you know that the Kilimanjaro safari is 104 acres and that one ride can fit the whole magic kingdom because manic kingdom is 96 acres, so it can also fit some parking into it. That’s pretty interesting don’t ya think?

23 minutes ago
Mat pat x Chris pat but if you think there would be to much for the proper space for the visitors so they had all ready know that if they did give the proper space they would go even more loss kill more people and more series just think mat pat think the island is small for a full well just a trex you would need a lot more space they had this all planned but they did not think they would get so many visitors because a the events of the other movies that means the closed the space down because the old park was not full endorse yet to the world so the events were caused by them not knowing how these movies go and 4 wall breaks

27 minutes ago

29 minutes ago
Am I watching cinamasins

30 minutes ago
They went whit Jurassic world and park it just said because it is the best sounding

33 minutes ago
8:17 you could say, a Far Cry 5

33 minutes ago
The raptors in the film aren't based on mongoliensis but on antirrhopus...more commonly called Deinonycus.

34 minutes ago
You know maybe They should fill Jurassic world with herbivores instead of bloodthirsty predators

39 minutes ago
Fill in the blank

And that’s just a Theory _ _ _ _ theory

44 minutes ago

47 minutes ago

54 minutes ago
Scientific accuracy is indeed catchy

1 hour ago
In my eyes, Pratt can only do 1 thing wrong. Playing Kenobi in the Kenobi stand-alone

2 hours ago
I liked passengers.

2 hours ago

2 hours ago
They put Tree frog DNA in the Dino’s to adapt them to the tropical climate and #prattpat

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