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  Published: 5 months ago


Reacting to animations is back and today we Look at storybooth again
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
Ew! I do NOT have hose conversations! I swear!

2 hours ago
You are a boy and you say dont trust boys what thé hell you are a boyyy

3 hours ago
Mess yourself you know your a boy...right?

3 hours ago
Dude Catholics can’t use any type of birth control it’s part of their religion

4 hours ago
You ar a Boy

4 hours ago
Don’t put pressure on people and let them make you do inappropriate stuff.

4 hours ago
I’m Catholic too

5 hours ago
I got the talk in school and I'm British

6 hours ago
Man that's mest up. But he's cute

8 hours ago
The last one reminded me of a student in my school that got a mental illness "Tics"

It got to the poit where he forgot who he was (TEMPORARY DON'T WORRY!) And his friends got really worried and started crying.

Now a supply teacher always keeps him company.

But don't worry! He's not bullied for it 😊

9 hours ago
I live in Ireland which is in Euorope

9 hours ago
Wow I didn't even get "the talk" yet

10 hours ago
No one have then me have curves

10 hours ago
I am in fouth grade and I dont get bullied beacuse that i dont have Big curves.

12 hours ago
LOL I never talked about periods it is wierd!!!

13 hours ago
That hapend to me in 4 grade

15 hours ago
mess yourself lesson 1: don't get your girlfriend pregnant

15 hours ago
Why the hell would u wanna be on your period she is sooo lucky

15 hours ago
She should be happy that she doesn’t have her period. But yes at school girls legit pray that she gets her period

16 hours ago
I am a girl and i have NEVER Got such comments and I am don’t have curves yet! Just love yourself!❤️

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