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NEW *GLITCH* CUSTOM GAME MODE in Fortnite Battle Royale
  Published: 1 week ago


Today we use the NEW Glitch in Playgrounds and make a fun mini game out of it!
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Mr Chang:

Awesome Video Editor ► Russell

Awesome Thumbnail Maker ► Flash

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Music by Ninety9Lives
Tobu - Such Fun
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago

2 hours ago
I swear to god I will like this comment

You swore to god now you have to like

4 hours ago
Why did you use a suppersed pistel in 16:25 you could use the shotgun

4 hours ago
I subbed

6 hours ago
The shotgun did 348 wth

6 hours ago
Sigil sounds like ninja a bit

6 hours ago
Somebody's voice is like ninja

9 hours ago
Ich hit the Like Button twice

10 hours ago
9:03 waaa uhhwa jin kun ke kiji weaky wake

"Yeah it`s a good place."

12 hours ago
🍿🍩🍯🍦🍧🍰🍔🌭🍟🍕🥞🍳🥖🥓🥩🥚🥒🥦🌽🍅🥥🥨🧀🥔🍉🍇🍓🍒🍑🍌🍋🍐🍎🍏🍪🍭😋 like if you Agee

12 hours ago
Stop making all your visa look like lazarbeams

16 hours ago
Consumes Shadow Stone Get’s invisible Till they die

16 hours ago
Sig really sounds like ninja

18 hours ago
Yes, Chang is finally back

19 hours ago
11:13 floating PAIR OF SHOES

19 hours ago
Can u play more of the hunter call of the wild

19 hours ago
Wwssycsfddge guess the word

19 hours ago

19 hours ago
0:25 the white dude:oh hi thanks 4 checking in im still OOF

19 hours ago
I smashed that like button with my nose lol

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