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  Published: 3 months ago


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We reflect on our favorite Smosh moments of 2018. What were some of your favorite moments? Comment down below and argue with complete strangers as if your opinion is the only one that matters!

Ian Hecox
Courtney Miller
Keith Leak Jr
Noah Grossman
Shayne Topp

Directed & Produced by Ryan Todd
Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
Editor: Ryan Todd
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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 months ago
Thanks for making it through this year with us! It's been a crazy one. I've also created an "Our Favorite 2018 Smosh Videos" playlist so you can spend the New Year watching some of the best stuff we put out in 2018! You can find it on our channel page or the end card of this video.
Love you! Have a safe, happy New Year!

4 days ago
The only one without glasses at the start of the video is Shayne🤫🤫🤫🤫

6 days ago
I actually think Ian should keep the beard

7 days ago
You can’t just steab a person in the guet

1 week ago
Bring back mike realm

2 weeks ago
i didnt like any of the sketches lmao they got stale a long time ago

2 weeks ago
Where is Olivia

2 weeks ago
There is no Smosh without Anthony

3 weeks ago
why is courtney the only girl, i know theyre more than her

3 weeks ago
now that gmm bought them, it's going to be good

3 weeks ago
Please more try not to laugh

4 weeks ago
Why are they my best friends lol

4 weeks ago
“every (blank) ever” i hate that series, why do ya make so much of it, get rid of all these people and bring back the old Smosh, this new Smosh is so damn trash omg

4 weeks ago
4:46 is Courtney about to cry? XD

4 weeks ago
No Remix :v

4 weeks ago
It's 2019 they were mistaken

4 weeks ago
every every blank ever

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
Damn yall really lost. A mil this year oof

1 month ago
Noah looks like a werewolf

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