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Jeopardy: Some Hard AI - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS
  Published: 1 week ago


Don't ya love a good trivia game?
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Comments Directly on YouTube

37 minutes ago
Ya filthy degenerate

19 hours ago
14:27 Anyone else notice how Arin says "But that's the word for orange!" and the game says "Precisely" almost in response?

20 hours ago
What. I never thought I'd hear Arin say that he didn't want Dan to touch him.

1 day ago

2 days ago
You guys say snooker weird. “Snükerr” pronounced like “shooter”.

2 days ago
I’m sorry but that was the worst Australian accent I’ve heard, good try though. Haha

3 days ago
anyone else frm central ohio cringe every time Arin pronounced it "ack-ron"?

3 days ago
11:50 Did anyone else chatch the Raging Bull quote from Dan??

3 days ago
Ak-rin ohio

3 days ago
fucking retarded ass question about Ouija, it means good luck wtf jeopardys is wrong wtf lol thats actually fucking retarded though XD

3 days ago
What the fuck???? Ouija is a anicent egyptian word for "Good luck" Not fucking yes??? thats retarded "Charles Kennard (founder of Kennard Novelty Company which manufactured Fuld's talking boards and where Fuld had worked as a varnisher) claimed he learned the name "Ouija" from using the board and that it was an ancient Egyptian word meaning "good luck."

3 days ago
If this AI was in the show, they would have banned him for cheating by using the internet in his robot brain.

3 days ago
The "We have good hope" is a hint towards cape buffalo, guys, because at the very south of Africa lies the Cape of Good Hope

4 days ago
WAIT....13? with 2 dice?

4 days ago
A console version of a televised gameshow that couldn't manage to license the likeness of the show's host, with AI players that break the balancing of the original by never getting anything wrong, and therefore never losing money. Cool.

This thing might as well be a web app. No graphics. No set. No Alex. They literally rented the logo and slide-wiped some text on frame. I don't even like Jeopardy and this kind of pisses me off.

4 days ago
The song arin was humming sounds very similar to work song

4 days ago

4 days ago
In case anyone is wondering :
Orang - human/person
utan (slang for hutan) - forest

4 days ago
Anyone cringe at them not getting the Cape of Good Hope hint, or was that just me?

4 days ago
Laranja CRL

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