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Jeopardy: Some Hard AI - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS
  Published: 5 months ago


Don't ya love a good trivia game?
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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 days ago
bruh its not pronounced, "pot-pouri" its pronounced, "po-pouri"

1 week ago
The "Good Hope" line was a reference to the Cape of Good Hope, indicating it was the Cape buffalo.

1 month ago
“Give me a high five! No don’t, DON’T! Don’t fucking touch me”

I love arin

2 months ago
Not to bring in FNAF back from the dead, but why is William a purple guy?

2 months ago
Fun Fact for Danny and Arin: Dijon is actually a place in France. Dijon is where that type of mustard comes from.

2 months ago
Name the species of African Buffalo:
(It lives in Africa by the way)

dan and arin pick the two buffalo that are here in the usa

2 months ago
i am sad that Dan doesn't know who J. Cole is.

I'm so shook.

2 months ago
For some reason, Arin's refusal to pronounce "potpourri" correctly is both infuriating and hilarious...

2 months ago
Am I the only one who can't find Jeopardy on the Eshop?

2 months ago
"Sometimes they're not hard enough, and sometimes they're too hard"
Yeah Arin, I wish there was a good medium between the two. If only, right?

2 months ago
ok but what was the song

2 months ago
6:47 I work there

2 months ago
"We'll see how hard this guy is."😉 <--- 🤣🤣🤣

3 months ago
Jesus, Arin, why do you think it's called "Jeopardy"?

3 months ago
I was today years old when I learned how to pronounce Potpourri

3 months ago
Arin doesn’t know how to pronounce Akron and I’m triggered in Ohioan

3 months ago
its always frustrating when they miss the gimme questions, I remember being frustrated when they first did this at the Cape Buffalo one especially.. I mean the 'we have Good Hope".. ? come onnn, the cape of good hope? jeopardy always gives you double clues in the questions

3 months ago
So I was like “oh cool, hip hop and rap I love that. I hope there will be some classic old school hip hop here” first question: fucking hotline bling with drake who is barely even a rapper (according to me).

4 months ago
As an resident if Ohio, Arin's pronunciation of Akron, Ohio really bugged me xD
It's ack (like attACK) Rin (like win, but with an R 💜

4 months ago
“It’s Egypt right?”
“No... it’s England.”
Fjsjdjsnsj ms too Dan

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