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Jeopardy: Some Hard AI - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS
  Published: 2 months ago


Don't ya love a good trivia game?
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
its always frustrating when they miss the gimme questions, I remember being frustrated when they first did this at the Cape Buffalo one especially.. I mean the 'we have Good Hope".. ? come onnn, the cape of good hope? jeopardy always gives you double clues in the questions

3 weeks ago
So I was like “oh cool, hip hop and rap I love that. I hope there will be some classic old school hip hop here” first question: fucking hotline bling with drake who is barely even a rapper (according to me).

3 weeks ago
As an resident if Ohio, Arin's pronunciation of Akron, Ohio really bugged me xD
It's ack (like attACK) Rin (like win, but with an R 💜

1 month ago
“It’s Egypt right?”
“No... it’s England.”
Fjsjdjsnsj ms too Dan

1 month ago
Lol I thought potpourri was the slang for synthetic weed XD

1 month ago
Why does Arin always go out of his way to be a pain in the ass to play games with

1 month ago
Kamchatka is like, iirc, that dingly doodad in Eastern Siberia that points towards Japan. The question is literally "If you're playing risk and cornered in the siberian wastes, flip the table"

1 month ago
As a schwartz, I’m proud of you guys

1 month ago
Rad as fuck, on the inside.

1 month ago
Me: what fuck is this, Joe party?

Dan: welcome to jeopardy everybody

Me: realizes I don't know how to read

2 months ago
School things

2 months ago
Worst Aussie accent attempt ever

2 months ago
Omg i knew the squid was a cephalopod because last week my tutor was talking to us about different types of shellfish, legitimately never felt smarter (3rd year professional cookery)

2 months ago
Game: (it lives in AFRICA btw)

Water Buffalo.

2 months ago
Suprised theres no comments guessing the song arin was humming

2 months ago
As someone named william i love this play through

2 months ago
11 is actually one of the least-common dice rolls 'cause there's only 2 ways to hit it.

2 months ago
Cape of Good Hope is in Africa, another name is Cape buffalo for an African Buffalo

2 months ago
Hey I'm Grump, I'm Grumpo!

2 months ago
Orang is Malay for person you fucking numpty

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