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  Published: 2 months ago


BLACK GIRL WHO THINKS SHES WHITE GETS CALLED OUT BY HER FAMILY. Treasure goes on dr phil and her family calls her out. Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Do you think this girl is just trolling! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! TRYING ON FORTNITE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES
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1 hour ago
When I look at her she scares me
im white she says
IM WHITE she throws two pennies at your head
no, your NOT. We throw the pennies back at her

3 hours ago
I hat the first black girl she is nasty

4 hours ago
When I see a three legged dog I’m like damn did treasure bite you

4 hours ago
I feel like treasure’s teeth caused segregation

5 hours ago
this is incredibly rude, but I realized that I mostly like white music artists...THAS JUST A COINCIDENCE!

13 hours ago
That B** is crazy

14 hours ago
OK first there is whoa vicky, and now there is this girl!!! Dang what have we come to😧

15 hours ago
All of these comments are about her sponge bob teeth

15 hours ago
No no no her teeth are more separate than sponge bob 😁😁😁😁.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 hours ago
Maybe woah Vicky and this girl switched bodies 😂😂

16 hours ago
Ooh she talked bad about queen b

17 hours ago
Shut up with that space in you're mouth I hate her

18 hours ago
Bish she said that about Beyonce!!!!

18 hours ago
Os she stupid or dumb🤣🤣

19 hours ago
I don't understand. Treasure is black, But i know one day she's gonna get clapped and im'a going to laugh so hard i will cry.

21 hours ago
You have 13 mill

23 hours ago
the only terrible thing here is those teeth

24 hours ago
Why'd the KKK guy sound like dr phil

1 day ago
All of them are stupid and the brother didn’t do anything

1 day ago
Well my cousins teeth are only like the two front ones

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