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Trump's Closing Message for the Midterms: A Closer Look
   Late Night with Seth Meyers
  Published: 3 months ago


Seth takes a closer look at Republicans cycling through one crazy stunt after another in the final hours before polls open on Election Day.
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Trump's Closing Message for the Midterms: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago

1 month ago
Seth's Obama impression😂😂😂

1 month ago
I gotta say, Obama looks so much happier now that he's out of the crazy house! 😂

1 month ago
4:30 Lol Trump predicted the future!!!

2 months ago
0:56 LOL "...but your grasp of policies says in bed by 7." I had no idea this dude was this funny.

2 months ago
Bring the constitution back? I think he mixed american and canadian history because canada had to bring back it's constitution from London.

2 months ago
So we understand this charlatan is trying to be a president hu?

2 months ago
Anyone else just put on A Closer Look playlist for relaxation?

2 months ago
Doesn't anyone find it funny that for someone who always instigates fear of immigrants, Trump was married to Melania one year BEFORE she was an American citizen? Married 2005, became a citizen 2006.
This should be a clear sign that Trump is actually not racist. Being racist means you care strongly for an ideal, and while it is the wrong ideal painting Trump with this color gives him credit which he does not deserve. Trump does not care if a caravan came in or not, he is simply looking for an issue to rile up the xenophobic masses in the US, those who do not share their opinions in public but secretly find comfort behind the wall.

2 months ago
So you'll lay down your life for one amendment and try to throw out the ones you don't like. You can't Cherry pick with the Constitution, you took an oath you ass hole.

2 months ago
conservitives really love the constitution when it comes to right to bare arms and free speech but drop it for birth right citizenship and seperation of church and state

2 months ago
Those of you who watch this negative entertainment pays these jerks a whole lot of money while you are not going anywhere. What waste.
Humans are used to doing one thing from their easy chairs. Too bad more don't thing out-of-the box and what good could come for Americans
should Trump move us forward. Turning things around won't happen in four years what took decades to create the downward turn we were all
moving in. How soon we all forget. Yet when you get a leader who has the 'balls' to do things in new ways for you, you criticize the unknown.
The man has too many enemies and not enough backup from fools like you supporting his efforts with more negative comments.
And, as these bastards that are selling you a bag of goods you eat it up with applause. But in the long run it is you who will pay the losses
should these idiots get their way. Learn how to think for yourselves not influenced by those feeding on your skepticism, ignorance or mere
lack of knowledge. Seth is just another loudmouth getting paid with your dollars to plant your minds against a position he knows nothing
about and further could never qualify for in 100 thousand light years. He is an example that you don't have to be smart to be popular or rich.

2 months ago
He's such a dumbass, he pronounces it " Missouria."
Even his worshipers behind him were giggling. I hate it when he comes here.

2 months ago
I hope we never make a mistake like this again.

2 months ago
The pauses were actually good

2 months ago
Did he just call the constitution an "idiotic policy"?

2 months ago
Thank god, someone in touch with reality; thank you Seth.

2 months ago
The stupid is strong in this one.

2 months ago
trump is like the kid that everybody doesn't want to play with cuz if u allow him to join he just fucks up everything.

2 months ago
I bet a baby will be more competent than Trump to run the country

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