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Sous Vide | Basics with Babish
   Binging with Babish
  Published: 1 week ago


This week on Basics I’m teaching you how to Sous Vide. Sous Vide has become a home kitchen essential over the past few years providing restaurant quality results at an affordable price point. It can help make the perfect steak medium rare, the perfect tender pork chop or even safe to eat cookie dough.

NOTE: Raw flour can still contain pathogens - pasteurize your flour by baking separately for 10 minutes at 350F!

Ingredients & Grocery List:
Peeled Ginger
Green onion
Soy Sauce
Fish Sauce
Plain white sugar
Pork Belly
Porterhouse steak
Olive oil
Bacon fat

Special Equipment:
Sous Vide
Butcher Twine
Vacuum Sealer
Vacuum Sealer Bags

"Apples and Butterflies" by Blue Wednesday'

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Theme song: "Stay Tuned" by Wuh Oh

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Comments Directly on YouTube

31 minutes ago
That steak looked rare. That's okay to eat?

2 hours ago
I live dangerously, I eat cookie dough regardless

8 hours ago
Dont be a son of babish and cook steak sous vide already people!

11 hours ago
Why are there vegetarians here?

13 hours ago
Safe to eat cookie dough? You mean... out of the packet cookie dough?

14 hours ago
Mother fuckers my ears

15 hours ago
I thought he was going to do a sellout ad in the beginning

17 hours ago
Holy shit I had no idea you could do that with eggs.

17 hours ago
You should read Ballistic bbq book on sous vede

21 hours ago
Don't be a bitch, just suck the air out of the bag with your mouth hole.

23 hours ago
Must salt and pepper before going in the bag. I've done probably 30 steaks sous vide now and won't go back to the grill or pan. I also recommend bagging them with S/P/G and an herb or two (I use thyme and sometimes rosemary) and letting it rest for a few hours or even freezing until later before it's time to cook. Also, Joule is my sous vide or choice.

23 hours ago
Most people think its not safe to eat raw cookie dough because it contains raw eggs but its also because the batter contains raw flour that may contain bacteria (E Coli)

23 hours ago
Serious question. After the thousands of teens, stoners and just having a rough day fatties like me. What’s the reality of eating cookie dough? Very little danger I presume and this seems more like a car commercial disclaimer than realty?

1 day ago
Don't cook if you can't cook at all 👌👌👍👍😾😎😎

1 day ago
while I know the steak is perfectly safe and that's "The proper way" to do it, I still don't care and would prefer the red to be more on the pink side. Don't turn it to shoe leather, but just a bit less color for me. Personally the "blood" and texture is off putting to me, it just tastes like metal

1 day ago
I don't doubt it's edible and pretty damn good. But that middle section does not look appetizing to me.

1 day ago
Babish: cooks literally anything and makes it look so delicious

Me, eating my 99 cent pasta packet: Nice

1 day ago
For the fish sauce, I have a seafood allergy. Is there anything I can use to substitute it?

1 day ago
Mmmm raw steak

2 days ago
Can you make safer hollandaise with sous vide eggs?

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