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Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 3)
   Good Mythical Morning
  Published: 4 months ago


We've arrived at the finals! Which of our "Ehh Eight" will be crowned the crappiest candy? Tune into LTAT on Saturday to see how the Mythical Crew's brackets fared! GMM #1412

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Comments Directly on YouTube

17 hours ago

20 hours ago
Justice for Good & Plenty

20 hours ago
Bottlecaps should have been on this list

1 day ago
am i the only one that likes ALL of these ??

1 day ago
Dots are the best

2 days ago
A bit too obvious of an ending tnh lol but fun nonetheless. Im surprised strawberry peeps weren't on here. Alot of h8rs.

2 days ago
I absolutely love Dots and Almond Joys

3 days ago

3 days ago
The fun of Necco wafers isn't the flavor! For the love of god, don't eat them. Certain colors will spark if you break them in half! That's the fun part

4 days ago
Where in the HECK are Twizzlers!?!?!?! Those things are disgusting and taste like artifical flavor. Redvines are SO MUCH BETTER. Also, Gobstoppers are terrible too.

4 days ago
I really like necco wafers ☹

4 days ago
Laffy taffy is so hard to get open

4 days ago
Man do I love me some Necco Wafers.

5 days ago
Im going to be honest. I love Nik-L-Nips

5 days ago
First disagreement, the circus peanuts are way grosser than Necco wafers and, secondly, the lafy taffy banana is worse than the wafers....third, the licorice is FAR worse than anything on the list

5 days ago
Honestly y’all should do worst easter candy bc Easter candies are horrible like if u agree

6 days ago
I like necco wafers...

6 days ago
Yeah, link has been eating the nik-l-nips wax

7 days ago
Am I the only one who likes circus peanuts?My dad used to buy them for me after we went hunting. I am from the south don’t come for my weave.

1 week ago
Circus peanuts are my favorite - cotton candy randy

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