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SML Movie: Jeffy Gets Hypnotized!
  Published: 3 months ago


Jeffy needs to be a good boy!
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12 minutes ago
I’m still confused on how he picked up a tv with one hand

2 hours ago
Who else got a brawl star ad

6 hours ago
how many money do you have

6 hours ago
Omg I live in a low income apartment and it cost 1500 dollars 😦 smh

6 hours ago
I would hypnotize Deb to be more nice

6 hours ago
Your gonna get bullied for having that backpack

7 hours ago
I would hypnotize jake Paul so he can stop making cringey ass videos and so I can have everything he owns

8 hours ago
Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah KSI is gay

8 hours ago
What is your addres I’m not trying to break in I just want to know because I want to know where you are at in google earth

9 hours ago
Who is Cody's voice

9 hours ago
“Damn I’m a little shit”

9 hours ago

9 hours ago
A TV is inspesiv

10 hours ago
My brother to make him to think he. Is gay

11 hours ago

11 hours ago
why bitch

12 hours ago
I will hypnotize my crush and then tell her to fuck

13 hours ago
0:56, 1:02, 1:05 & 1:08 Jeez Jeffy, take it easy

13 hours ago
I saw logan in the door window

13 hours ago

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