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SML Movie: The Costume Contest!
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Craig wants to have a costume contest!
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2 weeks ago
Go get some SML merch!

38 minutes ago

41 minutes ago
Bro these jokes are getting played out can we think of something else guys? Like we get it brooklyn guys ex was a bitch and codys mom fat af

2 hours ago
Dick chian

2 hours ago
0:11 its a f*cking pumpkin

2 hours ago
Lol I love it when jeffy said it dosent need a face it’s a flipping pumpkin and called the cops

2 hours ago
Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

2 hours ago
Mario had the bed costume because it actually fit him and looks good.

3 hours ago
I think dick chin won

4 hours ago
You wrote wrong it says halloweem but its Halloween at the end

4 hours ago
Skull trooper fucking 5000 dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$#imarichass

4 hours ago
i like shreks costume

4 hours ago
Mario need to loose

4 hours ago
Weres rosilena?

5 hours ago
I missed shrek

5 hours ago
A elipahant

5 hours ago
P-p-pa-parry the platypus

5 hours ago
Jeffy is worse den THE Devil couse he,s so damn evil hehehe weeeaaa😈😈😈

6 hours ago
Final episode of lovell characters

8 hours ago
You wrote halloweem

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