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1v1 Basketball vs. My 14 Year Old Sister's Boyfriend... (If I win they have to break up)
   The DDG Family
  Published: 6 months ago



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Comments Directly on YouTube

10 hours ago
damn nun yall niggahs can dunk..... 1 v 1 vs SO finna be boy DDG got decent clamps

17 hours ago
DDG is garbage 😂

1 day ago
Good big bro

1 day ago
Y’all suck

1 day ago
ill beat both these nig back to back for 3gs ong they trash

1 day ago
He not 14

2 days ago
chill bro its your sister

2 days ago
Jealous big bruh

2 days ago
You mean

2 days ago
You can’t ball 😭😭

2 days ago
Nigga you trash 👎🏽

3 days ago
this shit is so lame corn ball ass nigga

4 days ago
He's just trying to protect her

4 days ago
This Nigga can't run for shit fat ass Nigga

5 days ago
Play me for 200 y'all both ass fuck

5 days ago
they both some shit

6 days ago
Thank GOD NEITHER OF YOU made it to the NBA. That shit would fold if so. Best game u got fo lil sis. Bruh!!!! You's a joke. LMFAO!!!

6 days ago
I bet I can beat u in hooping g I'm from the yak to

7 days ago
Both niggas is ass at balling 😂

1 week ago
I watched a whole city get built with all those bricks. Y'all should've played checkers.

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