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1v1 Basketball vs. My 14 Year Old Sister's Boyfriend... (If I win they have to break up)
   The DDG Family
  Published: 2 weeks ago



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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 minute ago
he think he the shit because he could bully on 14 year olds and break them up that’s the most idiotic and childish shit i ever seen on youtube

2 minutes ago
This place looks like Diego.

3 minutes ago
This not protecting your sister bro. You making her life miserable dawg. Then you making this public. Do you know how embarrassing that is for her. Be a big brother, not a controlling asshole. She’s gonna have a life of her own but you can’t try to control her life decisions, all you can do is guide her down the right path. I think you could’ve handled the situation better than this. And yes I have a little sister of my own so I can relate.

7 minutes ago
21 years old hahaha you like a 12 year old and your a twig bro get some gain

10 minutes ago
another lame ass video just stop the shit they kids bruh when u was her age u prob had a girl to my nigga so stop trynna front

12 minutes ago
who tf the camera man

13 minutes ago
Dude trash af😂

16 minutes ago
It’s cool and whatever but you a 21 year old flexin on a 14 year old it’s cool you protecting her tho

37 minutes ago
DDG you a straight savage my nigga

39 minutes ago
What is so bad about James

39 minutes ago
I beat my sister bf in 1v1 in football 😂

42 minutes ago
Watch your sis 🤣

42 minutes ago
Wase youth

47 minutes ago
You is childish, you way older than him and tryna ruin your younger sisters relationships. You cannot do that throughout the whole of her life

55 minutes ago
bet you wont play me square ah

1 hour ago
Whoa what kind of girlfriend set there and record him losing damn laught to

1 hour ago
He deadass piss me off he just bein mad extra now

1 hour ago
yo i’d smack this kid in 1v1 DDG is garbage

2 hours ago
if my girl had a crazy ass boyfriend like you i would break up with her

2 hours ago
tete is a ungrateful little BRAT she got a nice brother that brought her a IPHONE AND EXPENSIVE SHIT but she give it all up just for a boy WTF i would beat the shit out my little sister if she would even try thst girl need some HELP he doing all this and all she worried about is her DUMB BOYFRIEND AND HER PHONE REALLY????? WOOWWW

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