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That Went Ok! | November 7, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS
   Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
  Published: 2 months ago


We're reluctant to ever trust that an election will be good or fun again, but Tuesday night went kind of ok! (Also, Sessions was forced to resign and Trump accosted Acosta. What a ride!)

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
Dems have now WON 40 NET SEATS, up 12 from when this was made

1 month ago
Don’t say good job Florida, Now the gop in Florida are working to overturn the people’s vote because they know that it would virtually end the toss up era in Florida and make it b a blue state

2 months ago
This journalist, Acosta, was completely out of line: extremely disrespectful and impertinent!
And let me asure you that I have nothing good to say about Trump.
But such bad manners and impertinence is annoying and unacceptable.

2 months ago
Aryanson, well now we all know how intelligent you are, you are wise and kind and benevolent to a fault, go on and spread your words of love and tolerance to the world, but karma just may surprise you right out of your delusional trance,,,

2 months ago
Why has no Lib/Demo Shot Trump dead? Oh wait, they aren't like the Republicans ;)

But it's kind of the Lib/Demo's problem. They let the dumb people shoot the smart people, but they sit back while the dump people control the country.

2 months ago
O'Rourke Abrams 2020

2 months ago
Greetins from Finland. You know, the country where some of your NHL players are coming from. Finland is also in Europe. And Scandinavia.
The gerrymandering (I propably spelled that wrong) versus the pure majority vote is something that even the neonazis in Europe are going ”what the f###”.
So basically, even neonazis outside of the US have a more healthier grasp of democrazy than the US.

2 months ago
Women made history. Young kim the first korean American woman elected to congress and marsha blackburn will be Tennessee's first female senator. Lets go ladies!

2 months ago
So a Republican wins and suddenly 80 thousand democratic ballots show up out of nowhere. ..hmmmm
Remember that the senate has to authenticate the election on January 1......

2 months ago
anyone else pick up on the (purposeful) irony of her all red outfit?

2 months ago
Someone's racist in under 20 seconds. Who could have seen that coming? How does anyone watch this? It's just the same nonsense over and over and over again.

2 months ago
Analysis of this video and Samantha Bee's YT channel reveals; Fake views, fake likes , Digital forensics reveals most the Anti TRUMP comments not originating from within the USA .. This is Democrat Social media meddling TRYING to create a fake consensus in the mind of those so unlucky to not see thru the fascism of Samantha BE

2 months ago
Well said Samantha! He works for all of us citizens of the U.S.

2 months ago Samantha bee is a disgrace

2 months ago
Blue Wave baby!

2 months ago
It's time to stop trying to find common ground. When they are burning your house down, you can't compromise your way out of it. It's time to fight back. Get the power and fix the rules so that democracy can work. Get over the fear of being called a "hypocrite" they will call you names no matter what. So, fight.

2 months ago
“Session leaves to do what he does best: racism.” Excellent. Keep it coming!

2 months ago
Notice she didn't actually mention the most progressive candidates -- including many who won like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

2 months ago
I think Samantha Bee might be a liberal.

2 months ago
Uh, J.S. was recalled by Keebler.....

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