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Rappers Picking Up Girls
   100 RACKS
  Published: 6 months ago


Rappers flirting and attempting to pick up female interviewers.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

19 minutes ago
I just lost brain cells.

3 hours ago
50 Cent had the best pickup lines

7 hours ago
Pervert Woman 🤷

8 hours ago
This is the most entertaining thing I have watched all day

10 hours ago
6:48 do u wanna see mine ?

11 hours ago
I wanna interview G eazy so bad😎

17 hours ago
Bro ain’t nun wrong with youngboy he just on Adderall cuz he was fuked up now since he of he went a Lil crazy but bro back reg

21 hours ago
50 cent😂

21 hours ago
Okay 50 cent... get that shit then

24 hours ago
Why 50 cent act gay in that second interview💀

1 day ago
g eazy needs to chill

1 day ago
Rippers Picking up girls.

1 day ago
um listen why could mgk get it

1 day ago
i’m fr so uncomfortable watching this. what the actual fuck are they doing 😂😂😂

1 day ago
isnt the guy interviewing asap rocky is the guy who said "my man goes is to blow up and act like i dont know nobody nyahahaha" just me?

1 day ago
Basically just a bunch of creepy motherfuckers trying their best to crack onto anything with a pulse.

1 day ago
iTs WiErrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrD

2 days ago
G Eazy could be the 8th member of Jersey Shore.

2 days ago
asap rocky is such a fagg

2 days ago
Why do you only follow 5 people
I dont like to see a lot of internet stuff
Its wierd

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