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Rappers Picking Up Girls
   100 RACKS
  Published: 4 months ago


Rappers flirting and attempting to pick up female interviewers.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

59 minutes ago
It’s all g-eazy

1 hour ago
The way Yee was looking I wouldn't be surprised

1 hour ago
The only one I genuinely liked was 2pac ! If he was still alive , he would be so goofy and funny !

2 hours ago
If g eazy rapper... haha

2 hours ago
2:50 what the fuck is that a zombie

7 hours ago
Fifty LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 hours ago
Nba high as hell

10 hours ago
Begone thot

12 hours ago
You could tell riff ruff didn’t want to cock block the homie

12 hours ago
A$AP Rocky,G Eazy and 50 cent pull all the hoes

13 hours ago
So that’s why NBA got herpes...

14 hours ago
Lmaooooo 50 such a bummm

14 hours ago
My man Eazy melts bitches

15 hours ago
1:59 who is this rapper? That was kinda adorable

15 hours ago
Whos here after mgk’s carrer was destroyed

15 hours ago
50 had me dead

15 hours ago
Tupac uppercut, react too am x skengdo voice off the streets aswell man

17 hours ago
It's not Jäger it's Jägermeister. ✊

18 hours ago
" G-eazy and 50Cent compilation "

19 hours ago
Tupac was a pure soul. Look at how he hugs the reporter and laughs at the end of the clip.

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