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Discontinued Shaq Pack Burger Taste Test
   Good Mythical MORE
  Published: 4 months ago


What's the discontinued burger we may or may not want back? SHAQ! GMMore #1418

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
That could be a great M.Night movie

2 weeks ago
3 hours early?!?

2 weeks ago
@3:32 No, Rhett, that was a fantastic Harry Caray impersonation!

3 weeks ago
I came for Shaq but
this ain't it cheif

3 weeks ago
hey im here is the sauce free?

3 weeks ago
I thought at the beginning Rhett said Elevator Bit*h lmfao

3 weeks ago
Did anyone else catch Chef from Southpark as the voice for the Shaq commercial? Lmao

4 weeks ago
I wish bk bring back smoke House Whopper

1 month ago
GMM is an amazing show, but I kind of wish they had captions.

1 month ago
The dude singing in the commercial sounds exactly like chef from South park

1 month ago
Couple questions... 5:15 Does Link not know how to cut with a knife? He's the closest one to the sandwich. 2. Thats NOT how you hand someone a knife.

1 month ago
"He doesn't get involved with things that wont work" AHEM, heard of Shaq-Fu for SNES/Genesis?

1 month ago
Just wanted to say your fuys videos are always good and id burgerking did the yuumbo again, how about real fried ham instead of deli meat. Id try that

1 month ago
6:20 oh i guess we're not counting shaq-fu

1 month ago
can someone please force a whole branch of ripe juicy tomatoes down link's gullet, until he's completely desensitized to merely a slice of pale watery burger-matos?

1 month ago
isn't this just a sour dough jack from jack in the box?

1 month ago
What's a jort?

2 months ago
How many times does Link have to touch the burger LMAOO

2 months ago
do you mean fry sauce instead vague pink sauce

2 months ago
You guys make fun of the whole "is the sauce free?" question, but most restaurants north of seattle charge you for any sauces you want aside from ketchup. That is, unless you're getting nuggets or something, then they specifically say how many sauces you get for free on the menu, and additional sauces are extra.

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