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The *NEW* LOOT LAKE CHEST CHALLENGE In Fortnite Battle Royale!
  Published: 1 week ago


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Song: Max Maurin - Shotgun 2
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
Bit of a longer video today! But there were SO MANY COOL PLAYS!

2 days ago
another one bites the dust

2 days ago
Imagine dying to fall damage.
This post brought to you by the #GliderRedeployGang

2 days ago
I did cod Lachy

2 days ago
Guys if you want tons of V-Вucks use this :
i made 5k v$ with it

2 days ago
Hey Muslek ❤do u know something I like u than ninja

3 days ago
i m 7

3 days ago
fortnite is awesome so are you

3 days ago
21:12 you missed a blue tac when you had a green one

3 days ago
Me from the future is dead

3 days ago
You are gonna get this weapon vaulted 😂

4 days ago
“I’m gonna drop that”
drops thermal scored AR
“No wait, I’m gonna keep that”
picks up thermal scoped AR
“And drop that”
drops thermal scoped AR again in 1 second for grappler

4 days ago
How do you die to fall damage said muselk died to fall damage muselk did

4 days ago
This is just the Hand Cannon challenge.

4 days ago
Use code muselk to support a creator

4 days ago
Deagle all the way

4 days ago
12:50 why didn’t he pick up the scar

4 days ago
Muselk thinks a green AR is better than a golden SCAR

5 days ago
Do a hand cannon challenge

Only aloud to use a multiple of hand cannons through out the game aloud to take meds of ground and people but no loot taking from players

5 days ago
I killed you when you were doing this but you didn’t put it in the video :( you sniped me then I kept impulsing away to the factories at leaky lake and you chased me but I healed lol

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