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Katie Goes Viral
  Published: 5 months ago


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Katie's meme went viral. And now that she's in high demand from all the Hollywood big wigs, she doesn't have to talk to, acknowledge, even SHARE A ROOM with these LOSERS.


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Katie Marovitch
Mike Trapp
Jessica Ross
Brennan Lee Mulligan
Ally Beardsley
Francesa McLafferty
Dominic Barba
Ty Lewis
Sam Reich

Director - Jessie Hixenbaugh
Writer - Katie Marovitch
Producer - Francesca McLafferty
Production Coordinators - Olivia Aguilar & Jessica Clemons
Director of Photography - Carter Ross
HMU - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Sound Mixer - Mike Robertson for BoTown Sound
Editor - Sam Geer
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 days ago
i was trying to find this video after total forgiveness showed how ally almost ruined it because she was soooooo shitfaced lolol

5 days ago
Katie is really good at playing extremely annoying characters we all hate. Is that a blessing or a curse? 🤔

1 week ago
That meme was horrible

1 week ago
i will NEVER work with you again

1 week ago
Wow this is almost how I felt after I saw how many likes this comment has

2 weeks ago
Yo why is it censored?

2 weeks ago
What's even funny... The writer itself is Katie... Damn she's good

3 weeks ago
She says f*** like 5 times

3 weeks ago
Who else came here after Total Forgiveness?

3 weeks ago
Total Forgiveness! Ally’s totally wasted here!

3 weeks ago
Katie is so abusive here lol

4 weeks ago
Lol this shits viral

4 weeks ago
Who else came back to this vid after seeing ally wasted in total forgiveness?? 😂

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
I can’t believe Ally was drunk during this sketch.

4 weeks ago
"I''ll never work with you again" was actually not a joke, Katie was just that pissed that drunk Ally kept ruining the take.

4 weeks ago
You can’t even tell Alley’s wasted. Probably was a good call only giving her two lines though

4 weeks ago
Whos here because of total forgiveness

4 weeks ago
Rock and roll.

4 weeks ago
LOL I rewatched this because of the latest episode of "Total Forgiveness". Ally was completely wasted as part of a stunt/dare when they were shooting this. She said Katie only gave her two lines because she didn't trust her to get through it. XD

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