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Getting some bag work in... 02:02

Getting some bag work in...

My technique is a little sloppy, but it's all part of the process. I do 3 minute rounds for 12 rounds, with about a 30sec break in between. This is a ...

Published 2 months ago • Views: 14

The SS Journey 02:19

The SS Journey

I'm gonna be starting a workout series. I want to start off small just mentioning some of my goals some post workout reviews as I get more advanced I'...

Published 3 months ago • Views: 22

Jade Valerie Is A Sexy Lady 03:02

Jade Valerie Is A Sexy Lady

Jade Valerie Video This video contain Clips of Jade Valerie from photos, live performances and videos. I do not own and of the clips. They are propert...

Published 8 years ago • Views: 1,590

shuttlesworth 00:29

shuttlesworth's Summer Madness

Ray Allen soars pass 3 Lakers for a Key Layup in Game 4 of the 2008 NBA Finals.

Published 10 years ago • Views: 199

FFVIII-Squall and Rinoa 05:33

FFVIII-Squall and Rinoa's Journey

Squall and Rinoas Journey Through the World of Fantasy Music- Michael Nyman- A Wild and Distance Shore Disclaimer: I do not own the Final fantasy Seri...

Published 10 years ago • Views: 1,283

Ball player 4 Life!!! 00:14

Ball player 4 Life!!!

Markanthony Williams Sr. shoots hoops in the backyard.

Published 10 years ago • Views: 89


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