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For VocaDB 00:08

For VocaDB

My VocaDB account: Username: GaviMarion13 Okay, y'all just ignore this. This account is still inactive, and my...

Published 7 months ago • Views: 104

Moving Channels 00:46

Moving Channels

New Channel (Sora CH): Music by Rachel Ng aka Paintbrush Birdie.

Published 10 months ago • Views: 263

【Yuzuki Yukari】I l͎͙̳̭̫̟͉̐͒̈̈̈̾o̯͙͖̗͆̀v̥̥̲̯̗̆̑̎̃e̷̪͓̤̭͌͊̋̑̏【Cover】 04:39

【Yuzuki Yukari】I l͎͙̳̭̫̟͉̐͒̈̈̈̾o̯͙͖̗͆̀v̥̥̲̯̗̆̑̎̃e̷̪͓̤̭͌͊̋̑̏【Cover】

So this song means a lot to me so covering it wasn't a choice. It had to It's so beautiful and kinda depressing honestly But here we are And I've had ...

Published 10 months ago • Views: 153

【+VSQx】【60fps Full】【Megurine Luka V4x Cute/Power】Kipple Industry Inc【Cover】 05:10

【+VSQx】【60fps Full】【Megurine Luka V4x Cute/Power】Kipple Industry Inc【Cover】

FINALLY AFTER SO LONG IT'S DONE MY LIFE'S WORK COMPLETE And with Luka because that's what the original request was, for Luka. And my birthday ...

Published 11 months ago • Views: 945

【60fps Full風】【PD AFT】【Akita Neru】1925【COVER】【VOCALOIDカバー】 03:23

【60fps Full風】【PD AFT】【Akita Neru】1925【COVER】【VOCALOIDカバー】

IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS COVER ASK FIRST and... TRIGONOMETRY That was random whoops Okay so I was really in the mood for this song for a while so I ...

Published 12 months ago • Views: 183

【Akita Neru V4x】【60fps Short】Kipple Industry Inc 【Cover】 03:21

【Akita Neru V4x】【60fps Short】Kipple Industry Inc 【Cover】

Full VSQx here:

Published 1 year ago • Views: 632


Joined 4 years ago | 2015-04-10...

Join the Gavi Marion discord!! You can chat with me and other Vocaloid fans or request covers here I make VOCALOID covers yay I can do the following: • Cover Requests • Collaborations • Custom/Modded Project Diva PV (Coming Soon) My vocaloids: • Hatsune Miku V3 & V4 • Rin Kagamine V4 • Len Kagamine V4 • Megurine Luka V4 • Kaito V3 • Meiko V3 • Akita Neru V4 • Yowane Haku V3 and V4 • Sakine Meiko V4 • Iroha Nekomura V4 • Utatane Piko V2 • Rana V4 • Unity Chan V4 • Yuzuki Yukari V4 • Gachapoid V2 (result of a terrible accident) Vocaloid I want: • Rin and Len V1 Act 1&2 • Yuzuki Yukari • Rana V3 • Macne Nana V3 • Gumi VAnything • Gakupo VAnything • YV2 Yuuma • MAIKA V3

Gavi Marion


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